Green CARE

Eco-friendly JetCare solutions

JetCare Green is an exclusive collection of JetCare products that are specially formulated for sustainable, eco-conscious JetPeel treatments.

JetCare Green products are made exclusively from natural origin, organic and green certified ingredients. Packaging for JetCare Green products is based on recycled or recyclable materials. With JetCare Green, you benefit from the same visibly beautiful JetPeel results, but with minimal eco-footprint.

The JetCare Green line includes four skin-friendly and eco-friendly solutions, formulated for the main steps of the JetPeel treatment sequence: Lymphatic Massage, Exfoliation and Infusion.

JetCare Green Hydro

JetCare Green Exfoliation

JetCare Green Glow

JetCare Green Peptide Complex