JetPro togo

JetPro ToGo is the complete JetPro Duo system in a compact, portable device that you can take anywhere with you. With JetPro ToGo, aestheticians can offer the exclusive combined Jet-LED treatment in any setting – at homes, offices, hotels, events and any other location.

The JetPro ToGo is lighter, smaller and incredibly easy to transport, yet provides the same beautiful, smooth results as the JetPro Duo device. Extend your business beyond the clinic with the unique, pleasant and pain-free JetPeel experience wherever the clientele requests it.


● 45% lighter than standard JetPro & JetPro Duo devices
● Fits in any trunk or car
● Designed with trolley wheels and handle
● Protective cover and accessories bag included


The JetPro Duo combines Red and Blue LED therapy with jet-pressure technology to provide simultaneous skin treatments that deliver enhanced results. The JetPro ToGo is the smaller, portable version of the JetPro Duo, so aestheticians can offer the combined Jet-LED treatment for a range of skin concerns, outside of the clinic walls.

The JetPro ToGo is the ideal solution to create more opportunities for clients to enjoy the JetPeel experience. Aestheticians can now offer VIP JetPeel treatments in the comfort of the client’s own home or office, at hotels or event complexes, or anywhere the client desires. The possibilities are endless, from bridal parties, to corporate packages and more. With JetPro ToGo, aestheticians can take their clinic success to the next level.


JetPeel anywhere

Enjoy the clinically proven JetPeel results anywhere and anytime, in the comfort of home, at the office, or any other location.

Pain-free & pleasant

Non-invasive jet streams boosted by Red or Blue LED light, penetrate into the dermis in a totally comfortable, relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Fast visible results

Instant delivery into the dermis means that results are immediate and visible.


On-the-go clinic

Offer the same JetPro Duo treatment wherever the client requests it. Portable device provides a wide range of treatment options on-the-go.

Compact & convenient

Lighter, smaller device with trolley wheels and handle, fits in any car or trunk. So easy to transport and setup in any location.

Boost your success

Expand your clientele beyond the clinic and create more opportunities for customer satisfaction and business success.

Safe & effective

Non-invasive, needle-free, with zero skin print. Simultaneous Jet-LED treatment technologies. The patient enjoys a pleasant experience and same-day, visible results.

JetPro-ToGo is designed for use only with
JetPeel patented handpieces.


Dimensions: 460mm x 270mm x 500mm
Weight: 17kg
Mobile: Integral base-wheels
Working pressure: 95 psi +/- 10%
Liquid Source: Disposable solution container