JetCare Ayurveda Boost Infusion: Amplify the Ayurvedic Impact

Amplify the JetCare Ayurveda results with Boost Infusion, a concentrated formula to deliver the natural healing, detoxifying, and balancing properties of the Ayurvedic ingredients to various skin layers.

This final stage of the protocol is enriched with 5% Pore Reductyl, a powerful mushroom extract with astringent properties to close pores and leave the skin beautifully even and smooth.


Originating in India and Pakistan, Bacocalmine is one of the key anti-stress herbs in the Ayurvedic healing system. Soothing and anti-inflammatory, it helps fight free radicals and oxidation, restoring the skin’s natural health and smoothness.

Campo Vijaya Sara:
This powerful Ayurvedic ingredient is rich in flavonoids that stimulate blood flow and oxygenate the skin, helping to balance sebum production and provide an astringent effect. It also has a high concentration of saponins and mucins, whose hydrating and softening properties promote a smoother, healthier appearance.

Campo Jyotismati:
A traditional revitalizing ingredient, Campo Jyotismati is rich in tannins, a natural astringent, helping to close pores and create a smooth, even tone. It also has a high concentration of saponins that act to soften the skin, and mineral salts that help regulate moisture balance and restore the skin’s natural elasticity.

Campo Susunishak:
This Ayurvedic ingredient contains mucins and mineral salts that provide excellent hydrating and moisture-balancing properties. It is also rich in amino acids that help to tighten and tone the skin for a smooth, youthful feel.

Pore Reductyl 5%:
Derived from mushrooms, this powerful extract helps to soothe and close pores, with natural astringent extract that smooths and evens the skin surface.