Vitamin C (T4J-VC)

Boost of Brightness

The JetPeel Vitamin C Booster formula is specially formulated to fight free radicals and restore the skin to its natural brightness and vitality. Enriched with antioxidant vitamin C, this booster treatment is the ideal way to improve the appearance of pigmented skin, including sun and age spots, and is also a powerful enhancer for younger skin prone to acne. Add a boost of Vitamin C following the desired JetPeel treatment to stimulate collagen production and create a beautiful brightening effect.

Main Active Ingredients:
Vitamin C
Powerful antioxidant that limits oxidative stress, helping to reduce the effects of free radical damage and prevent the action of sunlight, pollution and other environmental elements over time.

Perfect for: Face, chin, neck & décolleté, breasts, hands, arms & thighs