Vitamin B5 (T4J-B5)

The Calming Choice

Delicate and irritated skin enjoys a powerfully soothing experience with the specially formulated Vitamin B5 enhancement treatment, recommended for a hydrating and firming boost. The remarkable repairing and calming action of vitamin B5 makes it the perfect choice for sensitive and irritated skin. Follow the desired JetPeel treatment with the Vitamin B5 Booster, ideal for anti-aging, firming and toning, improved elasticity and soothing hydration.

Main Active Ingredients:
Vitamin B5
Vitamin B5 is readily absorbed in the deeper skin layers, for a powerful nourishing and toning effect. With extreme hydrating action, it is an excellent retainer of moisture, infusing the skin with a smooth plumping effect. Mild and comforting, it is perfect for sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Perfect for: Face, chin, neck & décolleté, breasts, hands, arms & thighs