Renewal Complex 4 (JS-SR4)

Mandelic & Salicylic

Loved by Sensitive Skin
Even the most sensitive skin can enjoy the beautiful effects of exfoliation by JetPeel with Renewal Complex 4. Formulated with gentle yet powerful active ingredients that peel away impurities while protecting delicate skin, the unique treatment solution empowers sensitive skin with the nourished, smooth glow that it deserves.
Deep yet gentle exfoliation treatment for sensitive skin types, Renewal Complex 4 is a cocktail of powerful active ingredients that peel, refine and nourish the skin layers to reveal renewed health and glow. Formulated without glycolic acid, the treatment is ideal in the summer months, as the active ingredients do not react to light and therefore the patient is not required to use sun protection following treatment. In addition, there is no need to follow with a Jet Detox Water rinse, so the nutritive ingredients continue to work deep in the skin even after the treatment is over.

Main Active Ingredients:
Mandelic Acid
A key ingredient of Renewal Complex 4, mandelic acid is ideal for sensitive skin prone to developing pigment-producing cells in response to irritation. Gentle yet effective, mandelic acid is recommended for the treatment of rosacea, and antibacterial activity helps to soothe and treat acne-prone skin.

Salicylic Acid
A natural, gentle exfoliant that treats many of the underlying causes of acne. The main action of salicylic acid is the peeling effect that encourages the shedding of dead skin cell buildup, which accumulates due to sun damage, aging or acne, and the unclogging of pores to help heal and prevent lesions.

Malic Acid
Similar in action to glycolic acid with less irritating effects, malic acid penetrates the skin and exfoliates outer layers of dead cells to reveal fresh, new skin. A free radical fighting antioxidant, malic acid helps to prevent premature aging, reduce red rosacea and acne, and improves melasma coloration of the skin.
The main active ingredients are fortified with natural botanical extracts and proteins designed to nourish the skin and boost the skin’s healthy glow.

Perfect for: Face, chin, neck & décolleté area, breasts, thighs, arms, and hands