Renewal Complex 2 (JS-SR2)

Glycolic Acid 10%

Deep Renewal. Deep Comfort.
Sometimes, the skin needs deep exfoliation to restore its natural health and glow. For non-sensitive skin, Renewal Complex 2 is infused with a power-boost of active ingredients for effective exfoliation that combats a range of skin problems, in the most relaxing and pleasant treatment you’ll ever experience. Get deep rejuvenation effects, without compromising on deep comfort.
Infused with 10% concentration of glycolic acid, Renewal Complex 2 is formulated for medium to strong exfoliations, ideal for use on non-sensitive and thin skin, areas of hyperpigmentation and sun or age spots, acne-prone and oily skin types. Treatment with Renewal Complex 2 deeply rejuvenates and exfoliates non-sensitive skins for a fresh, healthy glow. Follow with Jet Detox Water treatment to remove residual glycolic acid. Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen for 24 hours following treatment.

Main Active Ingredients:
Glycolic Acid
Glycolic acid is an effective exfoliant, helping to shed dead skin cells and renew the skin’s surface and appearance. It leaves the skin bright, cleansed and prepped to receive further nutritive treatment. Renewal Complex 2 contains 10% glycolic acid at pH 3.3, ideal for non-sensitive and thin skin.

Vitamin B5 & Aloe Vera
Soothing and gentle, vitamin B5 and aloe vera help to reduce the appearance of redness and lower the sensation of itchiness that may accompany the application of glycolic acid. This offers a pleasant and relaxing treatment experience while ensuring effective results.

Perfect for: Face, chin, neck & décolleté area, arms, hands, and thighs