Anti-Aging Power Bi-Phasic (JS-AABP)

The Next-Generation Promise of Anti-Aging

Discover double nourishment and double effectiveness in a power-boost treatment that incorporates two formulations for the ultimate in beautiful, youthful and rejuvenated skin.

Formulated to deliver the most advanced and effective anti-aging treatment, Anti-Aging Power Bi-Phasic is a dual-phase treatment that combines two complementary serum complexes in one session.

Recommended as a weekly 6-session series or a single ‘shock’ treatment for an immediate firming and glam glow effect, Anti-Aging Power Bi-Phasic is ideal for very deep wrinkles and very mature skin.

Main Active Ingredients:

Vial 1:
Hyaluronic Acids
Formula based on 4 types of hyaluronic acid of varied molecular weights: Pure hyaluronic acid, Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, Sodium hyaluronate (<100,000 Dalton) and Sodium hyaluronate (1,000,000-1,800,000 Dalton). The varied weights enhance the penetration of the hyaluronic acids into the skin, as well as other active ingredients in the complex serum.

By enhancing the stimulation of fibroblasts responsible for elastin and collagen, bio-peptides boost the skin’s natural functioning to help reverse the signs of aging and improve skin health.

Vial 2:
Vegetal Stem Cells
Naturally present in the body at birth, stem cells enhance rejuvenation, help preserve healthy skin and enhance the signs of youth. Vegetal stem cells, derived from plants, boost cellular stimulation and significantly enhance cutaneous regeneration.

Also contains
Betaine, rice bran protein, soybean protein, equisetum extract, and echinacea extract, working in combination with vegetal stem cells to stimulate the skin proteins, activating micro-circulation and instigating cell regeneration.

Perfect for: Face, chin, neck & décolleté, breasts, hands, arms & thighs